Mitch Rackin


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Year Album Artist
2017 Creep Mission David Grubbs Engineer
2016 Inner Journey Out Psychic Ills Engineer, Mixing
2016 Prismrose David Grubbs Engineer
2016 Return of the Wild Style Fashionists True Love Always Engineer
2013 One Track Mind Psychic Ills Engineer
2013 The Plain Where the Palace Stood David Grubbs Engineer
2012 Funky Was the State of Affairs Fergus & Geronimo Mixing
2012 Kiss Full of Teeth Gabriel & the Hounds Engineer
2012 Wild The Inner Banks Engineer
2012 Young Man in America Anaïs Mitchell Engineer
2011 Hazed Dream Psychic Ills Engineer, Mastering
2011 In Soviet Russia My Heart Breaks You Overlord Assistant
2010 Coast To Coast Royal City Riot Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Undercard The Extra Lens Engineer
2009 A Fool for Everyone Mike Bones Engineer, Audio Engineer
2009 Boogie in the Breeze Blocks Talibam! Engineer, Mastering
2009 Come Home and Feast Charles Burst Mixing
2009 Come and Get It Westbound Train Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2009 Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper Paul Banks / Julian Plenti Engineer
2009 New Funk Voices Engineer
2008 Best of Luck Condo Engineer
2008 Debt Dept. Excepter Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Lovers & Dollars Frank Hoier Engineer, Mixing
2008 Minnesota Carl Creighton Mastering
2008 Smoke Signals Heavy Hands Engineer
2008 The Future Doesn't Need Us I Am The Heat Producer, Engineer
2007 Freak Show Revenge Louis Mastering
2007 He Put the Bomp! In the Bomp Engineer
2007 The Noise In Our Heads My Other Friend Engineer, Mixing
2007 We Feel Safer at Night Takka Takka Mastering
2007 What's Your Sign? Joe Cassady Engineer
2006 Death. I Was Sure of It. Dirty Rainbow Engineer
2006 Record 1 Building 6 Engineer, Mastering
2006 The Crooked Hook EP Crooked Hook Engineer
2005 Cannery Hours The Occasion Live Sound
2005 Everything, All This, And More Beautiful Skin Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer Bass, Guitar (Bass), Group Member
2005 Fiend Club Lounge The Nutley Brass Engineer
2005 Let's Have Some God Damn Fun Engineer
2005 Mike Wexler Mike Wexler Mastering
2002 Model 91 Christmas Decorations Engineer, Mixing
"Ban-er-jee." Just Like It's Spelled. Jay Banerjee Mastering
Bandito Robin Aigner Mastering
Fat Music, Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat Engineer, Mixing
Goodnight Moonshine Eben Pariser / Molly Venter Engineer, Mixing
Heroes Night Killing Phantoms Engineer
Infinite Regression Special Pillow Engineer, Mastering
Juvenal!a The Idiot Mixing, Mastering
Psych-Out Christmas Engineer
Rise From The Cold Sleep Sumerians Mastering
Salamander Peter Kerlin Mastering
Shaggy Black Felipe & Forté Drum Engineering, Analog Engineer
Sirens In Spades Action Toolbelt Engineer
Songs from a Stolen Spring Engineer
The By And By Jeremy Joyce Engineer, Mixing
This Is Skragga!!! Rudie Crew Mastering
Welcome to the Family Zoo Weigh Down Engineer, Mixing, Mastering