Mark Guenther


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Year Album Artist
2012 Lost and Lookin' Aria Prame Mastering
2011 Freedom Trane Jessica Williams Mastering
2011 Jazzvox Presents: In Your Own Backyard Mastering
2011 Port Saïd Street Francis Coletta / Jonas Tauber Editing
2011 Shiver Too Slim & the Taildraggers Mastering
2011 Three-Part Odyssey Rich Pellegrin / Rich Pellegrin Quintet Mastering
2011 Yet What Is Any Ocean... Q.E.D. Mastering
2010 And to All a Good Night Clipper Anderson / Greta Matassa Mastering
2010 Calculated Gestures Ziggurat Quartet Mastering
2010 E Pluribus Unum John Bishop / Hal Galper / Jeff Johnson Mastering
2010 I'll Get Around to It Carrie Wicks Mastering
2010 Motives Wellstone Conspiracy Mastering
2010 Outlaw Tractor Corey Christiansen Mastering
2010 Resuscitate Raw Power Mastering
2010 Reunion Hadley Caliman / Pete Christlieb Mastering
2010 Rinnova Scenes Mastering
2010 The Arrival DDweller Mastering
2010 Touch Jessica Williams Mastering
2009 69 Annee Erotique: Music of Serge Gainsbourg Todd Bishop Mastering
2009 Apothecary Jon Alberts Mastering
2009 Art-Work Hal Galper Mastering
2009 At Stagg Street Studio The Avon Street Quintet / Curt Berg Mastering
2009 D Is for Dog Team Ken Waldman Mastering
2009 Echoes of New Orleans Ham Carson Digital Mastering
2009 I Mean to Tell You Shanta Louise Mastering Engineer
2009 It Crawled from the Basement: The Green Monkey Records Anthology Mastering
2009 Make a Wish The New York Rifles Mastering
2009 No More, No Less Jason Parker Mastering
2009 Spectre Mark Taylor Mastering
2009 The Art of the Piano Jessica Williams Mastering
2009 Time to Move The Barefoot Contingent Mastering
2009 We Couldn't Agree More Bill Anschell Mastering
2008 Another Morning Matt Jorgensen Mastering
2008 Bad Love Sessions Bad Love Sessions Mastering
2008 Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson Thomas Marriott Mastering
2008 Gratitude Hadley Caliman Mastering
2008 Journey Home Susan Burke Mastering
2008 Live. Die. Repeat Dyslextasy Mastering
2008 Miles from Home Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers Mastering
2008 Pulse Dan Cavanagh Mastering
2008 Regeneration Doug Miller Mastering
2008 Roll with It Corey Christiansen Mastering
2008 Save You from Yourself Scott Andrew Mastering
2008 She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke The Dutchess & the Duke Mastering
2008 Songs for a New Century Jessica Williams Mastering
2008 Tall Stranger Jeff Johnson Mastering
2008 The Gaze Inward Hunab Ku Mastering
2008 The Unspoken Rachel Bade-McMurphy Mastering
2008 What You're Here For Abbotfinney Mastering
2007 ...So It Seems Gigi Edgley Mastering
2007 Almost the Mayors of Laser We Wrote the Book on Connectors Mastering
2007 Black Hills Tad Britton Mastering
2007 Both Sides of the Fence Thomas Marriott Mastering
2007 Build Your Dreams Rebecca Peterson Mastering
2007 Cookin' at the Corner, Vol. 2 Les DeMerle Mastering
2007 Cool Season: An Origin Records Holiday Collection, Vol. 2 Mastering
2007 Every Moment Chris Sharpe Mastering
2007 Extended Play The Brides of Obscurity Mastering
2007 Furious Rubato Hal Galper Mastering
2007 May I Come In Gail Pettis Mastering
2007 Murder Over Moscow Bird Show Of North America Mastering
2007 Ninny Cow Tea Mastering
2007 Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Right The Goldilocks Clone Mastering
2007 One More Mile Brent Jensen Mastering
2007 Set of the Sail William Pint Mastering
2007 Shake It or Leave It Roy Loney Mastering
2007 Shopping For Your Heart Jeff Baker Mastering
2007 Songs from the Orange Room Kyle Stevens Mastering
2007 Spot Barney McClure Mastering
2007 Stay A Little Longer Captain Leroy And The Zydeco Locals Mastering
2007 The All American Playboys The All American Playboys Mastering
2007 The Day We Transposed Daytime Volume Engineer
2007 The Smiling Hour Greta Matassa Mastering
2006 11:11 Big Neighborhood Mastering
2006 Along the Way Scenes Mastering
2006 Back to the Sun Andy Werth Mastering
2006 Billy's Theme: A Tribute to Dr. Billy Taylor Jessica Williams Mastering
2006 Cookin' at the Corner, Vol. 1 Les DeMerle Mastering
2006 Dot to Dot Dreadful Children Mastering
2006 From Time to Time... Uglyhead Mastering
2006 Legends & Lions: Blues Mastering
2006 Legends & Lions: Swingin' Mastering
2006 Legends & Lions: Swoonin' Mastering
2006 Live in Seattle Joe Locke Mastering
2006 M-Pact M-Pact Mastering
2006 Marysville West Valley Highway Mastering
2006 More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye Bill Anschell Mastering
2006 North of Bakersfield Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers Mastering
2006 Nothing If Not Something John Bishop Mastering
2006 Principals of Combustion American School of Warsaw Mastering
2006 Slow Meat Suicide Wilgus Mastering
2006 Songs from the Year of Our Demise Jon Auer Mastering
2006 The Crooked Mile Home Chuckanut Drive Mastering
2006 Trios Brent Jensen Mastering
2006 Uncovered Walrus Mastering
2006 White White Mastering
2005 Arc and Sender Arc and Sender Mastering
2005 Birds Falling From the Sky The Harmonica Pocket Clapping, Mastering
2005 Coast Bound Train Max Paul Schwennsen Mastering
2005 Delaware "Awesome" Mastering
2005 Easy Walker Larry Fuller Mastering
2005 Elephantine Akimbo Mastering
2005 Even Odds Rik Wright Mastering
2005 Faraway Faster The New York Rifles Mastering
2005 Favorites from a Long Walk Greta Matassa Mastering
2005 Get the Revolution Out of Your Head The Earaches Mastering
2005 Individuation Thomas Marriott Mastering
2005 La Familia The Plaintiffs Mastering
2005 Long Tall Daddy Sunnyland Slim Digital Mastering
2005 My Many Moods Amy Stephens Mastering
2005 Neighbors Big Neighborhood Mastering
2005 Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs: 1985-2003 Yo La Tengo Engineer
2005 The Door Citro and Gorczynski Mastering
2005 The Sins of Others The Drews Digital Editing
2005 The Valley Valley Mastering
2005 Triskaidekphobia Ben Thomas Mastering
2005 Why Kids Go Wrong [EP] The Cops Mastering
2004 A Cricket in Times Square A Cricket in Times Square Mastering
2004 Art of the Groove Brent Jensen Mastering
2004 Beautiful You John Gross Mastering
2004 Boner DEK Mastering
2004 Drunkard in the Think Tank Roy Loney Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mastering
2004 Eastern View David Sills Mastering
2004 Harmonica Blues Big Al Calhoun Digital Remastering
2004 High Life Honey Library Science Mastering
2004 Hope Matt Jorgensen Engineer
2004 Live at Jazz de Opus Prime Numbers Remastering
2004 Near Earth Jeff Johnson Mastering
2004 Only Just Beginning Jason Webley Mastering
2004 Parallel Tracks Randy Halberstadt Mastering
2004 Plays Blues & Boogie Woogie Ray Skjelbred Digital Mastering
2004 She Like Electric Smoosh Mastering
2004 Someone, Somewhere... Robert Roth Mastering
2004 Storm Walking Singing Jonas Tauber Mastering
2004 The Decade 1994-2004 Gary Wyatt Mastering
2004 The Old Ace: Mississippi Blues & Religious Songs Jewell "Babe" Stovall Digital Mastering
2004 The Principle of Uncertainty Mark Quint Editing
2004 What to Do in Trouble Sterling Loons Mastering
2003 Bitches and Stitches Amazombies Mastering
2003 Blue Sky Mile Blue Sky Mile Mastering
2003 Late in Lisbon Chris Parker Mastering
2003 Modern Jazz: A Collection of Seattle's Finest Jazz Compilation Mastering
2003 New York, New Sound Gerald Wilson / Gerald Wilson Orchestra Engineer
2003 Origin of Species Flatland Mastering
2003 Passport to Kunming Faith & Disease Mastering
2003 Secular Breathing Jim Knapp Mastering
2003 Swamp Thing The Manatees Mastering
2003 Swing 48 Pearl Django Mastering
2003 The Light-Fingered Feeling of Sushirobo Sushirobo Mastering
2003 Where Do You Start? Don Lanphere Mastering
2002 After Hours Mark Taylor Mastering
2002 Bisbe Street Greg Grant Mastering
2002 Dirty Head Cripples Mastering
2002 Echoes of Canyon de Chelly Gary Stroutsos Mastering
2002 Isomorphism Rik Wright Mastering
2002 Jukebox Fever Mastering
2002 Oru: The Natural Order Gary Stroutsos Mastering
2002 Polaroid Angel Jimm McIver Engineer, Drums, Percussion, Mastering, Composer
2002 Quiet Silence Matt Jorgensen Mastering
2002 Showdown 2: The 90's The Nomads Engineer, Percussion
2002 State Your Intention Mother Mastering
2002 Sweat-Soaked and Satisfied Cookie Mastering
2002 The Banff Sessions John Stowell Mastering
2002 Tunguska Stinkhorn Mastering
2002 Winter: An Origin Records Holiday Collection Mastering
2001 A Lovemonger's Christmas Heart Mastering
2001 Apala Messenger Apala Group / Haruna Ishola Remastering
2001 Home at Last Don Lanphere Mastering
2001 Pacific Moon Gary Stroutsos Mastering
2001 Santa Swings Barry Gordon Mastering
2001 Scenes John Bishop Mastering
2001 Sound Time Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe Remastering
2001 Still Life Lynn Bush Mastering
2001 Strategically Interrupted Silence The Drews Engineer, Mixing
2001 Take Off The Shams Mastering
2001 The Art of Falling Jeff Johnson Mastering
2001 The Curious Sofa This Busy Monster Mastering
2001 The Wanna-Bes The Wanna-Bes Mastering
2001 Time to Go Woody Russell Mastering
2001 Transactions + Replications Little Champions Mastering
2001 We as in Us Alta May Mastering
2000 Forbidden Love Death Cab for Cutie Mastering
2000 From the New Nation of Long Shadows Voyager One Mastering
2000 Hand Me That Door Chris & Tad Mastering
2000 Honey Tongue Honey Tongue Mastering
2000 Not-So-Bright Side of the Moon The Squirrels Mastering
2000 Revolutions Per Minute Jason Trachtenburg Mastering
2000 Runaway Jim Carroll Mastering
2000 South of Boredom Beezewax Mastering
2000 The Days Are Filled with Years The Giraffes Mastering
1999 Free Jeff Johnson Mastering
1999 Recording Wiretaps Mastering
1999 There's One in Every Crowd Miracle Baby Mastering
1998 13 Other Dimensions The Giraffes Mastering
1998 Antartica: Wild Sanctuary Douglas Quin Mastering
1998 Carrots & So On The Nevada Bachelors Mastering
1998 Dawn at Trout Lake Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Desert Solitude Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Green Meadow Stream Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Habitat Series: Amazon Days, Amazon Nights Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Here Is Christmas Lovemongers Mastering
1998 Jet City Rockers Cowboys Drums
1998 Kalimantan: Heaven Before Time Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Kym Tuvim Kym Tuvim Mastering
1998 Legal At Any Age Edmonia Jarrett Mastering
1998 Lift Black Mastering
1998 Like Icicles This Busy Monster Mastering
1998 Loons of Echo Pond Ruth Happel Mastering
1998 Madagascar: Fragile Land Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Ocean Dreams Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Ocean Odyssey Bernie Krause Remastering
1998 Rainforest Dreams Bernie Krause Remastering
1998 Rainstorm in Borneo Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Rhythms of Africa Bernie Krause Remastering
1998 Scrapin' for Hits The Squirrels Digital Remastering
1998 Spirit Keepers Jonn Serrie Mastering
1998 Success The Posies Mastering
1998 Ultimate Massage Mastering, Sound Design
1998 Weeds Dan Janisch Mastering
1998 Whales, Wolves and Eagles of Glacier Bay: Wild Sanctuary Bernie Krause Mastering
1998 Wild Sanctuary Mastering
1998 Zimbabwe: Gardens of Eden Bernie Krause Mastering
1997 Abraxas Pool Abraxas Pool Mastering
1997 Cause I'm Worth It Terror of Tiny Town Mastering
1997 Loaded Hi Fi Killers Mastering
1997 My Secret Joy Mary Lofstrom Mastering
1997 Running with Bigfoot The Groovie Ghoulies Engineer
1997 Smooth Jazz Summer Sounds Mastering
1997 The Jim Basnight Thing The Jim Basnight Thing Mastering
1997 The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy The Minus 5 Mastering
1997 Three Minute Hercules Tube Top Mastering
1997 Transplanting Elaine Summers Mastering
1996 Born in the Basement The Groovie Ghoulies Engineer, Remastering
1996 Death Valley Days: Lost Songs and Rarities, 1985-1995 The Walkabouts Pre-Mastering
1996 School Yard Rhymes Walkie Talkie Mastering
1996 Shady Lane The La Donnas Spoken Word, Tambourine, Voices, Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1996 When Day Has Broken Pilot Engineer, Mixing
1996 World Contact Day The Groovie Ghoulies Producer, Engineer
1995 10% Weird The Meanies Assistant Engineer
1995 Look What the Rookie Did Zumpano Engineer
1995 Near the End of the Harvest Jimmy Silva Engineer, Drums, Percussion
1995 Old Liquidator The Minus 5 Engineer
1995 Pink Eye Sleep Capsule Engineer
1995 The Presidents of the United States of America The Presidents of the United States of America Engineer
1995 The Wicked Picketts The Picketts Engineer
1995 Wanna Smash Sensation Bum Engineer
1994 La Mano Cornuda Supersuckers Assistant Engineer
1994 Powerstrip The Nomads Engineer, Percussion
1994 Sleep in a Wigwam Rich Arithmetic Engineer, Drums, Bongos, Shaker, Tambourine, Handclapping
1994 The World of the Zombies Engineer
1993 Siesta Peach Engineer
A New World Odor Deep Throat / Dehumanizers / The Dehumanizers Mastering
Absolution Shades of Red Mastering
Alone The Life Mastering
As for You Motel 5 Mastering
As the Fates Decide Katy Bourne Mastering
Been There Rinehold Mastering
Debut The Merry Way Mastering
Here in the Moment Gail Pettis Mastering
Pencil Sketches Todd DelGiudice Mastering
Progress Ruins Everything But What Else Is There? The Heat Exchange Mastering
Scenes of Abandoned Industry Juhu Beach Mastering
Son House in Seattle 1968 Son House Digital Mastering
Sunlight Reaches Jimm McIver Mastering, Sleeve Photo, Drums, Percussion
Unravelled Chasing Jane Mastering