Katja Piolka

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Year Album Artist
2017 Best of Fear Primal Fear Picture
2011 One Bullet Left Sinner Artwork
2009 Thor Wizard Artwork, Art Conception
2009 Power & Glory: The Best Metal Hymns Cover Art
2009 Grounded: Chapter 8 Metalium Photography, Booklet
2008 Voodoo Circle [Bonus Tracks] Alex Beyrodt Photography, Cover Art
2008 Voodoo Circle Alex Beyrodt Photography, Artwork
2008 Porta Obscura Coronatus Layout Design, Cover Art, Cover Photo
2008 New Metal Leader Ross the Boss Photography, Video, Video Producer
2008 Monsters of Metal, Vol. 6 Director
2008 D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. Destruction Picture
2008 Crash and Burn Sinner Photography, Video, Cover Art
2007 Thrash Anthems Destruction Picture
2007 Metallized: The Best of U.D.O. U.D.O. Photography, Design, Cover Art, Layout
2007 Mask of Sanity Sinner Photography, Cover Art Concept
2007 MK II Masterplan Photography
2006 Speak of the Dead Rage Photography
2006 Out Loud Naio Ssaion Photography, Design, Layout Design, Cover Art
2006 Forever Will Be Gone Mortal Love Design, Cover Layout
2006 Diva Luna Field Photography, Cover Art
2006 Dacia and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Dacia and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Photography
2006 Combat Area My Darkest Hate Photography
2005 Vermin Old Man's Child Photography
2005 Seven Seals Primal Fear Photography, Design, Layout
2005 Inventor of Evil Destruction Photography
2004 Serpent's Embrace Agathodaimon Photography, Cover Art Concept, Cover Art
1996 In the Line of Fire Sinner Cover Art
We Came with the Nothern Winds: En Saga i Belgia Leaves' Eyes Photography