James Lavelle

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Co-founder of the groundbreaking Mo Wax label, leader of the increasingly eclectic UNKLE project, and an in-demand DJ.
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James Lavelle co-founded the revered left-field hip-hop label Mo Wax, the U.K. home of DJ Shadow's groundbreaking Endtroducing....., along with several other notable releases. Since the early '90s, Lavelle has led the long-running UNKLE, a collaborative project that has grown increasingly eclectic with each remix (including commissions from Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Robert Plant), studio album (beginning with 1998's Psyence Fiction), and film project (such as 2005's Odyssey in Rome). Although the London native was still a teenager when he and partner Tim Goldsworthy started Mo Wax, Lavelle was honing his DJ skills earlier than that, and remained in-demand on local and global scales through the mid-2010s. Lavelle has put together several commercially released DJ sets, including the first volume of FabricLive (2001) and several installments for Global Underground (2002-2015). Artist & Repertoire, a documentary about his turbulent career, premiered at the South by Southwest festival in 2016.