Greg Chandler


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Year Album Artist
2012 Curse Wodensthrone Engineer, Mixing, Guest Artist, Vocals
2011 Raised by Wolves SerpentCult Mastering
2009 Into the Light The Prophecy Producer, Engineer
2008 The Maniacal Vale Esoteric Audio Engineer, Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar
Awakening the Forest Alunah Engineer
Call of Avernus Alunah Engineer, Mixing
Carrion Skies Fen Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Charnel Passages Cruciamentum Engineer, Mixing
Damnatio Memoriae My Silent Wake Keyboards, Vocals
Hubris in Excelsis Scythian Engineer, Mastering
III Indesinence Engineer, Mixing
Like Crows for the Earth Tethra Mastering
Pantheist Pantheist Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Paragon of Dissonance Esoteric Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Mastering
Salvation The Prophecy Engineer, Mixing
Solennial Alunah Mastering
Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary Ashenspire Mixing, Guitar, Violin, Bass, Voices, Drum Engineering
Temple of the Abyss Vacivus Engineer, Mixing
The Hidden Hand Pete Kent Producer, Engineer, Mastering
The Shackles of Mammon Craven Idol Engineer
The Mothers Earth Experiment The Mothers Earth Experiment Engineer, Mixing
The Sands of Time Pete Kent Producer, Engineer, Mastering
The White Death Fleurety Mastering
Vessels of Light & Decay Indesinence Engineer, Mixing, Vocals
When Death Comes Aphonic Threnody Guitar
White Hoarhound Alunah Engineer, Mixing