George Geurin


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Year Album Artist
2016 Chasing Airwaves The Black Jackets / Tony Romanello Mastering
2013 Mama Soul Janet Ryan Mastering
2011 Rich Man Tejas Brothers Mastering
2009 See Me Change? Stefanie Jane Mastering
2009 Snow in June Little Black Dress Mastering
2008 A Tribute to Sunny Ozuna Little Joe Mastering
2008 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [Original Soundtrack] Ed Lima / Duncan Watt Mastering
2008 Nowhere Now Here Unveiled Mastering
2008 State of Mind Stephen Pointer Mastering
2008 Tejas Brothers Tejas Brothers Mastering
2008 The Blues and a Half Christian Dozzler Mastering
2007 Comin' Home Reagan Browne Mastering
2007 Even Angels Fall Mo Robson Mastering
2007 Grindin' Before Shinin' Quenzo Mastering
2007 Jesus, He Brings Me Joy Analisa Mastering
2007 Joe Pace Presents: Worship for the Kingdom Joe Pace Mastering
2007 Left Standing Bad Apples Mastering
2007 Maren Maren Morris Mastering
2007 Outside Hooton Mastering
2007 Permanent Transient Iris Leu Mastering
2007 Peruvian Soul Dr. Fernando Siles Mastering
2007 Weightless Dick Prall Mastering
2006 Brighter Days Dean James Mastering
2006 Calhoun Calhoun Mastering
2006 Key to the Highway Houston Marchman Mastering
2006 Public Enemy #1 Mixtape Beanie Sigel Mastering
2006 The Emerald Way 2002 Mastering
2006 The White Whale Josh Davis Mastering
2005 Along the Curve Dave Sterling Mastering
2005 Coma Rally Coma Rally Mastering
2005 Marriage Berry Mastering
2005 Thumbsucker Tim DeLaughter / The Polyphonic Spree Mastering
2005 Water Sphere Pilotdrift Mastering
2004 Beginning... Sara Donaldson Mastering
2004 Dynamic Trash AstroGin Mastering
2004 Live at the BPL 25% Toby Mastering
2004 Maze Bang! Mastering
2004 Now-A-Day Songs The Rounders Mastering
2004 Out of the Box Tim Miller Mastering
2004 Stormy Love Bugs Henderson Mastering
2003 Desperate Man Houston Marchman Mastering
2003 Eternal Black Dawn Omen Mastering
2003 Grow Fallen from the Nest Mastering
2003 Precious Moments With Billy Joe Winghead Billy Joe Winghead Mastering
2003 Romeo's Ex Triprocket Mastering
2003 Salutes the Bob Wills Era Nolan Bruce Allen Mastering
2003 Straight from High St. Bo-Leg Mastering
2003 Sweetooth Sweetooth Mastering
2003 Thrills and Chills Triprocket Mastering
2003 To Madagascar and Back [EP/DVD] Flickerstick Mastering
2003 We Follow Jesus Pia Angela Taylor Mastering
2002 F.T.W. Black Belt Jones Mastering
2002 Like Me Blyng Mastering
2002 Mur Mur Mastering
2002 Suavehouse Records Presents: Southern Federation Mastering
2002 The Beginning Stages of the Polyphonic Spree The Polyphonic Spree Mastering
2002 Triprocket Triprocket Mastering
2002 Unfolding Everylasthing Mastering
2001 A Bum Note & A Bead of Sweat Baboon Mastering
2001 Cramer Cramer Mastering
2001 Jump Shot John Adams Engineer
2001 Last Beat Records 2001 Mastering
2001 Living Stereo Cody Lee Mastering
2001 Redeye Induction Dirt Merchant Mastering
2001 Remember the Memories The Lyndsay Diaries Mastering
2001 Screwed Up, Inc. Presents Best of Suavehouse Vol. 2 Mastering
2001 The Charismatics The Charismatics Mastering
2000 Cinemagic Cinemagic Mastering
2000 Goddess of Groove Lisa Markley Mastering
2000 Hustlin' Pays Mr. Nitro Mastering
2000 Pinkston Pinkston Mastering
2000 Pleasant Grove [Last Beat] Pleasant Grove Mastering
2000 Soulmates Brian Gorrell Mastering
2000 Start Little League Hero Mastering
2000 The All American Chainsaw Kittens Mastering
2000 The Art of Pimpin' Mastering
2000 Tripping Daisy Tripping Daisy Mastering
2000 Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) Deville Mastering
1999 By Any Means Cream Team Soldiers Mastering
1999 Cocktail Country The Lucky Pierres Mastering
1999 My Ears Are Ringing But My Hearts OK Captain Audio Mastering
1998 How the West Was Swung, Vol. 1 Tom Morrell Remastering, Mastering
1998 Non-Pop Specific Pop Poppins Mastering
1998 Simplicity of Heart Scott Bucklin Mastering
1998 The Spirit of Christmas Scott Bucklin Mastering
1997 Seasons, Roads and Faces Rich O'Brien Digital Mastering
1996 Freakin' in the Hood GoldFinger Digital Mastering
1996 Kombat Bass Bass Militia Digital Mastering
1996 Starving St. Nick Slow Roosevelt Mastering
1996 The Mack Is Back Willie Hutch Mastering
1996 Trip Hop Explosion Bass City Rollers Digital Mastering, Mastering
1996 Wussup Wit It Lock Down Inmates Mastering
1995 Big Boom Theory Boom Squad Mastering
1995 Blast Off Bass Apollo Bass Digital Mastering
1995 Hell is Real Alvin Johnson Mastering
1995 Let the Bass Times Roll Bass City Rollers Digital Mastering
1995 Republic of Bass Bass Clan Digital Mastering
Battle Cry Jagged Row Mastering
Crazy In Love Rod Rossell Ides Mastering
Groove Arlington Jones Mastering
In the Dark Robert Lacroix Mastering
John David Kent And The Dumb Angels John David Kent and the Dumb Angels Mastering
Live at the Kessler Jim Suhler / Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Mastering
Love and Happiness Cuvée Mastering, Max
Mumble Odd Tony Romanello Mastering
The Soul Gent Arlington Jones Mastering
Through the Trees Ishi Mastering
Timely Evolution King Ashoke Mastering
True Worship Karla Nivens Mastering
Wrapped Tight Kyle Turner Mastering