Doug Coombe


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Year Album Artist
2017 Unseen Forces Justin Walter Photography
2014 West Grand Boulevard Third Coast Kings Photography
2013 Lullabies & Nightmares Justin Walter Photography
2013 Nickel & Dimed 14KT Photography
2013 One Kiss Ends It All Saturday Looks Good to Me Handclapping
2013 Partner in Crime Jeremy Porter & the Tucos Photography
2012 Hoods and Shades Andre Williams Photography
2011 Dimension Thule Blue Snaggletooth Photography
2010 Scott Morgan Scott Morgan Photography
2009 Universal Malcontents Outrageous Cherry Photography
2009 Why Won't You Let Me Be Black? Nathaniel Mayer Photography
2008 Open the Blast Doors Mazinga Photography
2008 Violets Twine Photography
2008 Wide Awake in the Spirit World: The Best of Outrageous Cherry Outrageous Cherry Photography
2007 Beyond the Sound Powertrane Photography
2007 Bruised and Satisfied The Defectors Photography
2007 Cold Colors Saturday Looks Good to Me Photography
2007 Why Don't You Give It to Me? Nathaniel Mayer Cover Photo
2006 Never a Good Time The Avatars Photography
2006 New Tones NOMO Photography
2006 SSM SSM Photography
2006 Wise Up! The Hard Lessons Photography
2005 From Now On... The EP Now On Photography
2005 Gasoline The Hard Lessons Photography
2005 Great Lakes Myth Society Great Lakes Myth Society Photography
2005 If You Don't Already Have a Look The Dirtbombs Photography
2005 She Waits for Night Uncle Earl Photography
2005 Since I Fell in Love With the Music Audra Kubat Photography
2005 The Sights The Sights Photography
2004 Every Night Saturday Looks Good to Me Photography
2004 Flashpapr Flashpapr Photography
2004 Form Follows Function The Hentchmen Photography
2004 I Want It Loud 25 Suaves Photography
2004 Summer Cherry Ghosts Timothy Monger Photography
2003 All Your Summer Songs Saturday Looks Good to Me Photography
2003 Million Year Old Sand Audra Kubat Photography
2002 1938 25 Suaves Photography
2002 Dead Hills Wolf Eyes Photography
2002 Got What We Want The Sights Photography
2002 Inhabiting the Ball Jim Roll Photography
2002 Introspection: Singles and Rarities 1993-2000 Windy & Carl Photography
2002 Three Times Infinity The Hentchmen Photography
2001 Straight Out tha Trunk Disco D Photography
2001 Winking Makes a Face Tadd Mullinix Photography
2000 Compositions from the Hand, Vol. 3 Guitar
2000 Lovesick [All Please Sound] Lovesick Photography
1999 I Want Some The Make-Up Photography, Cover Photo
1999 Out There in the Dark Outrageous Cherry Photography
1999 Whatcha Doin' The Go Photography
1998 Blow Whistle Blow Rollie Tussing Photography
1998 Can You Hear It K.C. Groves Photography
1998 Coal and Diamonds Kevin Meisel Photography
1998 Halos of Smoke & Fire Cash Money Photography
1998 Kenai Dreams Chris Buhalis Photography
1998 Purple Finger Syndrome Maschina Photography
1998 Ready to Hang Jim Roll Photography
1997 We Didn't See You on Sunday P.W. Long / P.W. Long's Reelfoot Photography, Artwork
1994 Outrageous Cherry Outrageous Cherry Photography
1993 Mack Avenue Skullgame Big Chief Photography
1992 Liar The Jesus Lizard Photography
1990 Head The Jesus Lizard Photography
Best of Motor City Music Conference 2005: Selected and Presented by the Detroit Fr Photography
Live From the Detroit Jazz Festival: 2015 Mack Avenue Superband Photography
Sundry Mayhems Black Jake & the Carnies Photography
The Elmatic Instrumentals Will Sessions Photography
Tunnels Handgrenades Photography
Victim of a Modern Age Jamall Bufford Photography