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Year Album Artist
2021 Dolenz Sings Nesmith Micky Dolenz Record Label
2020 Live in Japan Micky Dolenz Record Label
2019 Live in Japan Davy Jones Record Label
2019 Cosmic Partners: The McCabe's Tapes Michael Nesmith / Red Rhodes Record Label
2018 Unsung Imani Coppola Record Label
2018 Live at the Troubadour The First National Band Redux / Michael Nesmith Record Label
2017 Out of Nowhere American Metropole Orchestra / Micky Dolenz Record Label
2017 At the BBC Paris Theatre Michael Nesmith Record Label
2016 An Evening with Peter Noone & Micky Dolenz: Two Legends, Two Conversations Micky Dolenz / Peter Noone Record Label
2015 The MGM Singles Collection Micky Dolenz Record Label
1994 Stranger Things Have Happened Peter Tork Record Label
The First Bobby Hart Solo Album Bobby Hart Record Label
Listen to the Bands: 25 Monkees Cover Versions Record Label
Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story Frank Sidebottom Record Label