Jason Willett

The Sounds of Megaphone Limited

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For those unfamiliar with Baltimore institution/record store owner Willett, the presence of friends like his ex-Half Japanese bandmate Jad Fair and members of Boredoms and Ruins are barely a clue to this 20-track, hour-long compendium, from his last 12 years of work with a half dozen different bands on his Megaphone imprint. Whatever the groups -- like X-Ray Eyes, Attitude Robots, Jaunties, and the fave Can Openers -- Willett and conspirators kick up a cacophonous din, full of the bleatings of mutant jazz and the calamitous racket of Captain Beefheart. Every discordant sound comes flying out of Willett's records like darts, and The Sounds is freaky -- like early Ween and Blurt got together, took drugs, listened to Coltrane, Frank Zappa, Henry Kaiser, The Contortions, Henry Cow, Trout Mask Replica, Ralph Records' stable, and raspy early Rough Trade acts, and, then… coughed up 20 hairballs. Outta this planet!