The Present Link

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The latest release, "The Present Link," by Keeler (Keith Keeler Walsh), is ambitiously based on the subject of Cryptozoology, or the study of hidden and unknown animals. Keeler's music makes sonic impressions of a whole glossary of unusually strange creatures and their habitats.

Each composition is designed in documentary style, complete with liner notes on subject and geographic location. It dramatically unfolds like chapters of a book. The music perfectly interprets the localities of Champ, Morgawr, Ogopogo, Moke'le-Mbembe, as well as the better known haunts of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Nessie of Loch Ness fame.

The compositions are finely crafted thematic pieces which stand on their own merit. Their eerie melodies, ancient rumblings, and subterranean rhythms shift in and out of one another with weird oscillations and stellar-like winds of other times. Densely layered soundscapes drip with the atmosphere of humid jungles, moss-covered forests, lost lakes, and arid deserts. And if that wasn't enough, these tonal collages are alive with the presence of each title creature. You'd swear that you hear every distinctive cry, call, or whine made by these inexplicable beasts. This again is all due to Keeler's imaginative skill and use of synths, edrums, voice effects, percussion, barijo, ocarina, short-wave radio, and sound processing in portraying the various motifs. Some of the pieces have an older analog sound that, in my opinion, lends more credibility and charm to the overall work. There are some very interesting photos in the CD booklet which will further pique your curiosity and generally upset your once explainable and orderly universe. Grab your safari pith helmet and explore Keeler's "Present Link". Great Orm, 496-A Hudson St., Suite D-35, NYC, 10014