The Hollies

The Hollies [DVD EP]

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This four-song release ought to please some hardcore fans, including as it does two Graham Nash appearances (you would think the producers would exploit that fact in the packaging). Admittedly, the performances of "Jennifer Eccles" and "Do the Best You Can" are mimed, and it's not as though Nash even looks like he's doing much more than strumming along -- Tony Hicks looks much more involved. Nash is more active on "Do the Best You Can," whose performance clip relies on split-screen and overlapping images (the players' faces are gradually replaced by their instruments in close-up). Nash is still with the lineup for "Listen to Me," in which they appear in matching white suits -- it's funny to think how far from that kind of performance and performance clip he would leap within less than a year of this appearance. Terry Sylvester makes a fairly innocuous on-camera debut with the band on "Sorry Suzanne," trying hard to look as busy as Hicks, bassist Bernie Calvert, and drummer Bobby Elliott, while lead singer Alan Clarke is the real center of attention. The songs are pretty enough and, in two instances, little known enough that some purchasers will be pleasantly surprised. As with other releases in this series, the price is a little high for what you actually get, though the presence of the classic lineup on three of the black-and-white clips makes a pleasant surprise. It is impossible to simply play the clips in succession, the disc returning to the menu, which must be advanced manually for each song. And as with some bizarre musical pyramid scheme, a lot more software space seems to have been devoted to promoting other releases in this series than on the actual content of this disc. The "pop-up" function is a waste of time as well, but the clips themselves do have value to the fans, within narrower limits than the 12 dollar list price usually charged.