Ani DiFranco

Render [Video/DVD]

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Render, a celebratory collage of concert footage, behind the scenes snippets, and personal moments, well supports the contention that Ani DiFranco is an under-recognized genius. Filmed on the Righteous Babe's 2000 and 2001 U.S. tours, the evidence of her brilliance piles as high as the sociopolitical ills she sardo-eloquently damns at every turn. A true poet and agitator, DiFranco continues that great musical tradition of fearless outspokenness that has marked some of the mightiest music ever made. There isn't much this woman can't do. And she's a fresh angle in the seemingly exhausted geometry of contemporary music. DiFranco is consistent in her high standards, and this DVD contains many of her finest compositions performed in concert, as well as studio, rehearsal, and soundcheck clips. The viewer is also given a peak at the Righteous Babe Records operation that DiFranco founded in her native Buffalo, NY, plus performance cameos by some of the artists she has signed to it. There's also interview footage with the lady herself. In the age of cookie-cutter, super-hyped, chart-busting swill, there are still some true artists -- people who very possibly qualify as cultural revolutionaries. Ani DiFranco is close to the top of that short and hallowed list. And Render is worthy of the time of all serious music lovers.