The Suburban Knight

Nocturbulous Behavior - The Mix

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Another in a line of all-too-rare Underground Resistance-sanctioned mix CDs, Nocturbulous Behavior features the cryptically named 011 (presumably James Pennington, aka Suburban Knight, in his DJ guise) mining UR's golden age for a 20-plus-track mix filled with a dizzying selection of highlights. 011 here favors the harder, darker side of the UR catalog, so there's little room for breathing as he blazes through one acid-roaring percussion hailstorm after the next. Besides the plethora of Pennington-produced tracks (as Suburban Knight and Dark Energy, most notably including "Art of Stalking" and "Nocturbulous"), there are a few Martian productions ("Medicine Man," "Particle Shower," and "Vortexual Conceptions") and a few UR classics ("Elimination," "G-Force," "Death Star," and "The Seawolf"). The mixing is smooth, though not necessarily a highlight in itself. By and large, these tracks mix into one another easily, and 011 rarely goes above and beyond the call of duty à la Jeff Mills, though the X-102 finale is indeed a perfect finishing touch. As with most of these UR mixes, some of the best of which are helmed by DJ Rolando, they may dwell in the past (drawing heavily from the label's mid-'90s golden age) but they are nonetheless breathtaking. 011's Nocturbulous Behavior mix is no exception and makes for yet another wonderful (and wonderfully assembled) UR sampler. The trick is to find yourself a copy, since these mixes are usually available exclusively via Submerge (aka "Somewhere in Detroit").