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In 1999, Philippine female artist Myka released her self-titled debut, and much of that album consists of the passionate, easy listening love songs so popular in the Philippines. As such, however, the material is mostly bland and uninspiring, although some arrangements, like "As If You Didn't Break My Heart" and "'Di Ako" ("Not Me"), are interesting.

Unfortunately, Myka doesn't sing particularly well. She lacks depth and versatility, and sings off-key in several songs, including "Dahil May Isang Nagmamahal" ("Because There's Someone Who Loves") and "Ikaw Ang Nagturo" ("You're the One Who Taught"). The absence of poise and direction in the vocalist mars her rendition of "Ben," a hit for Michael Jackson in 1972. Her version is based on Jackson's original arrangement and provides no surprises, but at least it brings some excitement to the album, in contrast to the songs that comprise most of Myka.

Another song -- one of the album's best -- written by international composers is "It's Got to Be Love," features a strong, catchy melody. Also notable is the inspirational paean to God, "Lift Up Your Hands," composed by a Philippine female composer Cecile Azarcon. Mostly though, the material here is weak. As is usual with the easy listening love songs composed by Filipinos, the pieces tend to sound alike, including "Dahil May Isang Nagmamahal," "Paano" ("How"), "Kahit Sa 'Yong Tingin" ("Even the Way You Look"), and "Ikaw Na Ba?." In addition, the album sorely lacks diversity, as all ten songs are slow.