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This Australian underground electronica duo works in a similar vein to Parmentier, also on the Sigma Editions label. This movement of late-'90s abstraction has its roots in both avant-garde electronica and low-tech noise music. The emphasis on this recording is toward often chaotic and distorted arrangements of loops -- the repetition of loops stacked up against each other until they coalesce into fractured rhythms and melodies. The austerity of IDM and minimalism are there, yet somehow the music never takes shape. Somewhat disappointing, as this label has produced many striking and unique experimental recordings from the likes of David Haines and Vladislav Delay, yet this album lacks the distinct and refined minimalism of those artists. Instead there is a series of low-tech improvisations that derive from reduction and randomness, and while some of the permutations are interesting, Minit struggles to sustain an album based on such reduced ideas.