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Sparse computer music from Australia's Pimmon on the diverse Belgian imprint K-RAA-K 3 is a minimal affair with similarities to glitch projects such as Oval and Pole. This oblique genre could be solely accredited to Eno, though some practitioners such as Pimmon owe more to post-rock and dub than to pure ambient. In that, the music on Kinetica is too complex and detailed to give up its place in the sonic foreground, though it is never imposing on the atmosphere -- its dynamic sitting comfortably in the extremities of the spectrum. Like the best minimal techno, this music works with sonic details in repetition, though Pimmon's glitch network is too lopsided to fit into such a genre. More about texture than rhythm, this process music calls to mind Microstoria, an artist on the Mille Plateaux label. An intriguing listen and one of the more original releases of 2000s electronica.