God Bless the Conspiracy

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Richard H. Kirk is nothing if not hyperkinetic. As his prolific recorded output has proven, he's rarely content to stay in one place, and despite some similarity between his various projects, for the most part his sonic canvases reveal numerous layers of complex and sophisticated programming. GOD BLESS THE CONSPIRACY might give those accustomed to previous Sandoz outings pause; these six long tracks might have the dance floor in mind, but between the dense silicon wafers beats a more cautionary heart.

"Lights in the Sky" could easily be disguised as prime electronic Krautrock done '90s style. Then again, "Demonology" flaunts B.P.M.s straight off the Autobahn, headlights ablaze, sequencers revving their R.P.M.s into the red zone. Looking at the bigger picture, Kirk covers his bases fairly well--he's left the genre-defining bleep of DIGITAL LIFEFORMS behind to encompass more bits of mutant James Brown funk, albeit synthesized out of all recognition, on "Blow This Mother Up" and "Louisiana." Kirk remains one of our pre-eminent groovemasters, our man from Microchipville, cooly directing traffic at the intersection where Detroit techno, Motown, and Berlin meet.