Anubis Rising

Funerary Preamble

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Uncouth Industries' official bio would have you believe that California's Anubis Rising had what it takes to become the next Neurosis or Isis -- despite the fact they never managed to obtain even a proper record deal during their roughly five years of existence. The less hyped-up reality, however, is that the group's particular brand of progressive metalcore, though not altogether uninteresting or in any way unaccomplished, simply lacked the necessary inspiration to carry them to such lofty heights. On the upside, Anubis Rising's desolate musical panoramas (see the title track and "Firmamentum," "Infinite Self-Perpetuation," etc.) did possess a certain static-gray, almost necro-metal feel about them (reminiscent of Arkansas' Rwake, or even French black metal haters Blut Aus Nord) that could be termed atypical as compared to the major players cited before. However, such distinguishing features were never as prevalent in their music as the genre's more familiar (read: ordinary) techniques of intermingling lacerated vocal chords and gutter-scraping guitars with haunting harmonies and subdued melodies. And with the exception of the standout epics "Personification of Time" and "Crook and Flail," the band's lengthier compositions usually lacked sufficient imagination and variety to hang onto those increasingly shortened, 21st century attention spans. Instead, they resulted in a brief and strictly underground career, and a posthumous anthology in Funerary Preamble, which will surely provide a welcome souvenir for die-hard fans; further proof to everyone else that Anubis Rising got as good as they gave during their short run. [This release also contains an Eyehategod cover as final hidden track.]