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Through the '90s, hardcore freakout band Chore was a permanent fixture on the Michigan music scene. And after their demise, tracking down their vinyl releases became a (mind the pun) chore itself. So a collective yelp of joy was heard among the Southeastern Michigan Record Collector Nerd Alumni when Ypsilanti Records thought it a good idea to unleash to an unsuspecting public the 32 recorded works by the Ypsi stalwarts. Beginning immediately with math rock stabs, the anthology acts as a defibrillator and textbook for those uninitiated as to how good this group was. The punk rock/math rock minuets and dirges reveal a frantic, passionate urgency that would be the blueprint many bands would subconsciously follow for the next several years. And while there are moments that come and go far too quickly (most songs are under two minutes in length), this collection also reveals the blueprints of bands the group members would form in later years. 1994-1996 was commissioned as a limited-edition piece of 300. Pick it up on sight if you see it, familiar or not.