David Bowie


Composed by Bob Feldman / Jerry Goldstein / Richard Gottehrer

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One of the covers from David Bowie's Pin-Ups collection, "Sorrow" was originally performed by the Merseys -- it was a smash hit in the UK but the band itself was doomed to one-hit wonder status, never releasing an album while its few further singles went nowhere. Bowie's rerecording helped make the song more well-known in America -- arguably eclipsing it fully given that the original has barely surfaced on a legitimate issue since. Bowie's take avoids giving it the full glam-era treatment, instead favoring a lovely, generally restrained rendition with some strings that holds back the guitar to put the focus squarely on Bowie's singing. Deservedly so as well -- his inclinations towards passionate crooning began to come to the fore around this time, and his ability to deliver in both restrained and melodramatic tearjerker mode gets easily confirmed by his bravura performance. He also sneaks in a bit of sax playing as well, while Mike Garson adds some fine piano parts to fill out the enjoyable arrangement.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Pin Ups 1973 Atlantic / Elektra / Rhino / Warner Bros. / Warner Music
Serious Moonlight [1984] 1984 Pioneer
Legends [DCC] 1986
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution
Sound + Vision 1989 Parlophone / Rhino 2:53
The Singles: 1969-1993 1993 Rykodisc 2:52
The Singles Collection 1993 Parlophone 2:54
The Best of David Bowie 1969-1974 1997 EMI Digital / Parlophone / Warner Music 2:57
The Singles Collection 1 2000 EMI Music Distribution 2:54
Best of Bowie 2002 EMI Digital / Parlophone 2:53
Remembering Those Scary Monsters 2002 Alternative Edge
The Platinum Collection 2006 Parlophone 2:57
Serious Moonlight [2006] 2006 Powerst
Nothing Has Changed 2014 Parlophone 2:53
Five Years 1969-1973 2015 Rhino 2:53
No Image 2016 GC / Rhino / Warner Music 2:55
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