Creedence Clearwater Revival

Down on the Corner

Composed by John Fogerty

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At Creedence Clearwater Revival's peak, singer-songwriter John Fogerty uncorked a pretty astonishing series of hit singles that were roughly equally divided between serious social statements and more basic celebratory party tunes. Of the more fun rock'n'rollers he devised, "Down on the Corner" was one of the best, reaching #3 as half of a double-sided hit single (with "Fortunate Son") in late 1969. The cornerstone, as it were, of "Down on the Corner" is its low funky guitar riff, bluesy but not straight blues, which kicks off the song and is repeated (sometimes in different keys) throughout the tune. In the opening instrumental section, it's doubled by a funky shuffling drum part -- one of Doug Clifford's most underrated contributions to the band's discography -- as well as a choppy guitar chording away very much like patterns heard in soul and funk songs of the era. There's a little more white rock and pop in the melody than there were in many late-1960s soul-funk songs, though. Lyrically, Fogerty captures perfectly the ambience of kids jamming away with more spirit than financial resources on a street corner, much like the band do on the cover of the album on which the song appeared, Willy and the Poor Boys. The gospel singalong traits of many a Creedence song come out in force on the harmonized chorus, as an ideal setting for the tapping of the feet on the corner as guys play for tips pictured by the words.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Willy and the Poor Boys 1969 Fantasy 2:45
Creedence Gold 1972 Universal 2:43
No Image 1976 Fantasy
The Concert 1980 Universal Music 2:45
No Image 1982 Fantasy
No Image 1985 Fantasy
Chronicle, Vol. 2 1986 Concord / Universal 2:45
Creedence Clearwater Revival [Time Life] 198? Fantasy 2:46
Bad Moon Rising 1990 Fantasy
The Legends Collection 1993 Eastwest 2:45
The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival [Fantasy Canada] 1998 Fantasy 2:43
Ultimate Collection 1998 Mushroom Records 2:45
No Image 1998 JVC Compact Discs
Collection 1999 Fantasy 2:48
Keep on Chooglin' [Festival] 1999 Festival Records 2:47
No Image 1999
Various Artists
Image Entertainment
Loucos Anos [DVD] 2000
Various Artists
Creedence Clearwater Revival [Box Set] 2001 Fantasy 2:43
Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival [EMI] 2003 EMI Music Distribution 2:45
Platinum 2004 BMG International 2:45
Really the Best 2005 ZYX Music
Greatest Hits [2005] 2005 Rock 2:44
No Image 2005 ZYX Music 2:45
Inside Creedence Clearwater Revival 2005 Classic Rock Legends
Absolute Originals 2006 APO (Analogue Production Originals) 2:44
Rock Legends 2008 Concord Neu 2:44
Best Of 2008 Concord 2:45
Collected 2008 Universal Distribution 2:44
No Image 2008 Universal 2:43
40th Anniversary Editions Box Set 2009 Universal Distribution / Concord/Universal / Fantasy 2:48
The Singles Collection 2009 Concord 2:41
Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival: Greatest Hits & All-Time Classics 2012 Concord / Fantasy 2:44
Greatest Hits 2014 Fantasy 2:45
No Image Fantasy 2:40
No Image Phantom
La Légende de Creedence Fantasy 2:45
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