Roger Miller

Dang Me

Composed by Roger Miller

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Country singer/songwriter/guitarist Roger Miller had scored a few country chart entries with RCA Victor Records in the early '60s before he switched to Mercury Records' Smash subsidiary and released "Dang Me" in 1964, but the self-written riff song was his first major country hit and his first crossover to the Top Ten of the pop charts, inaugurating a three-and-a-half-year period when he would consistently earn play on Top 40 radio. His breakthrough was an unlikely novelty number. Its hook was a rapidly played cadenza for two acoustic guitars that he matched with a scatting vocal. In between, he sang a set of near-nonsense verses in the first person about a wastrel who spends the grocery and rent money at a bar while his woman and infant child are waiting at home, followed by a chorus in which he declares that he should be hung and wonders if the woman would cry if he were. In 1964, the words had a good-old-boy charm that would probably be thought sexist, if anyone though much about it, in later decades. Of course, the point of the song was that jazzy instrumental section, which gave the song a catchiness that helped it break through the British Invasion and Motown domination of the pop charts in mid-1964. Since the song was relatively slight as a composition, it is surprising that "Dang Me" won the 1964 Grammy Award as Best Country & Western Song, but then Miller won a slew of Grammys that year in newly created country categories, so it was just part of a sweep. "Dang Me" remains the quintessential example of Miller's lighthearted humor, which brought him many more hits over the years.

Appears On

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